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Family Meal

Life's a Journey.

Have a guide.


Whoever said, “talk is cheap” never bought a house. The gap between unawareness and wisdom can be counted in thousands of dollars. When it comes to your home and money, “talk” is priceless.

No matter which way you're heading, Street Talk can help you maneuver the road of real estate.
From home purchase to refinancing, to reverse mortgages, we can help you discern the best path; making the wisest financial decision regarding your home.

To learn more and talk it over, call 833-TALK-101



Have financial goals?

Side view of hot latte coffee with latte art in a bright red cup and saucer isolated on wh

Here in the Northwest, personality, style, hopes, and goals are as varied as our coffee options.

At Street Talk, we understand the importance of knowing each of our clients, their portfolio and financial ambitions. Some first-time homebuyers will benefit from credit assessment and focused debt-reduction. Investment-seekers enjoy our local insights, leverage options, and program diversity. Retirees and empty-nesters love the financial freedoms afforded through downsizing and/or reverse mortgage options.
So whether you lean half-caf decaf or iced ristretto, we're confident we can serve up a program to suit your taste.

White and red pencils lying on blueprint closeup background. Project documentation concept

as measured as the house itself.

A family's home loan should be



Homebuyers and Refinancers have access to dozens of program options. Whether you’re purchasing as a first-time home-buyer or a seasoned investor; or refinancing for rate-reduction or debt-consolidation, you can find a mortgage loan to suit your needs.

Loans come in a number of flavors, including fixed interest rate or adjustable interest rate. Traditionally, the terms on mortgages are either 15 or 30 years, with most borrowers opting for the latter. Would you like to learn more about program options?

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What’s the difference between ‘feeling’ like you’re making the right decision and ‘knowing’ you are? Diligence. Proof. Saving money.

Homeowners and homebuyers, this is where industry
expertise plus Northwest insights equal proven savings.
We want you to know responsive, dependable, and quality guidance that helps you make the wisest financial decision regarding your home

The "right" decision takes time.


And, enjoy.


Seattle and the Northwest housing market is a wild ride of risk and incredible opportunity. Street Talk Radio hopes to help Northwesterners navigate the various twists and turns... effectively maneuvering the road of real estate.

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